COLP and COFA Coaching

COLP and COFA Coaching - Go Beyond ComplianceWhether you drew the short straw or were the only viable candidate for the role, the reality is that you are now in an incredibly important position and are responsible for ensuring the business keeps its licence to practice.To use the SRA’s own words – “The COLP and COFA will be instrumental in creating a culture of compliance throughout a firm, becoming its focal point for the identification of risk, and the key point of contact for the SRA.”

No pressure then!

Having worked in practice for 13 years and subsequently undertaken coaching diplomas, our Managing Director, Michaela Hardwick is uniquely placed to provide objective coaching to support and help you develop the necessary skills for your own unique role.

 What does it involve?

As your role is a pivotal one between the firm and the SRA, you will need a unique skill-set to manage this effectively. You will need:

  • To be a “big picture” person – to develop strategy
  • To be a “detail oriented” person – particularly with compliance
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communication ability
  • Good persuasion and influencing skills
  • Motivational ability
  • Excellent time management skills

We were not taught any of these skills in law school! However, you are likely to possess at least some of these skills to be in the position you are; most likely developed out of a natural ability and necessity. Coaching can help you truly hone these skills in a way that suits your style and personality. A coach will also act as a confidential and objective sounding board for what is likely to be a frustrating role at times.

In view of the nature of the coaching and training we deliver, every COLP and COFA can genuinely link the coaching to either CPD points or directly to the requirements of the Competence Statement.


As every person is different, bespoke arrangements will be made although as an example, monthly half  or full day coaching sessions including ad hoc email and telephone support could cost between as little as £350.00 – 500.00 per month.

Alternatively, a monthly 2 hour telephone coaching session would be even more cost effective at around £200.00 per month. However, it is always recommended for the first meeting to be face to face.

 What clients say:

“Michaela is not only an experienced and skilled performance coach, but that rare combination of talent and enthusiasm! I think she is particularly effective at empowering and guiding people to find their own solutions to problems and is both a generous and patient coach. I have learnt so much about my business, my clients and myself from Michaela – the only regret is that I didn’t start working with her years ago!”

 “I worked with Michaela to gain some clarity on a specific project. She helped me to really focus on what was key, what choices I needed to make and the best way in which to achieve my goal. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michaela to anyone who needs to move forward but lacks the drive, motivation and/or clarity to do so.”

 “I would highly recommend Michaela to anyone looking to ramp up their plans and knock them in to shape. I felt that my role lacked direction when I first met with Michaela and wanted to get it back on track and establish a clear path forward. Michaela’s expert approach at getting me to take the time to get clear in my head exactly what the end goal was that I wanted and what I would then need to do to reach this was mind blowing. Just taking a few hours out of the business to get this clear has been invaluable. It has re-invigorated my spark, motivation and drive to take the next steps. She is like a Sat-Nav for your business…don’t embark on a journey without first consulting Michaela!”