Legal Change Management

legal change managementMany legal businesses are reluctant to bring in consultants who will tell them what to do. We understand the reasons for this and in any event in our experience this approach means that any successful results of the consultancy are very short term. This is why we FACILITATE; we understand that it’s impossible to tell you how to run your business.

What we do is use our valuable objectivity, questioning skills and experience in processes and people to help you to find your own Legal Change Management solutions – meaning that they will be embedded for the long term.

Many businesses (across all industries and sectors) do not manage change well as they fail to recognise that organisational change centres on both people and processes. Legal Change Management has a clear process but sadly it is rarely followed.

What does it involve?

Well, given that we’ve said above that we won’t tell you what to do, then it all really depends on what it is you want!

So whether you are:

  • Developing your business model;
  • Up or down-sizing;
  • Merging;
  • Developing your people;
  • Or just responding to the multitude of on-going changes to the legal profession (and yes it is still a profession!),

we will give real added value to YOUR Legal Change Management strategy.

It may be that you want us to work only with your management team or you may want us to work with some of all of your staff – we can do either of these depending on YOUR requirements.


Given that these services are bespoke, it’s not possible to put a cost on it but once the parameters of the project are agreed, a fixed fee will be set. The objectivity and insight we bring to YOUR project will be invaluable.

 Case Study

A 35 partner law firm with 6 offices and cross location departments wanted to launch their 3 year business plan to the firm with a real impact.

The Result

Through facilitation, they realised that they needed a whole new way to deliver this. A dynamic and informed action plan was developed and resulted in much greater ‘buy in’ and far more motivated (and therefore effective) employees.

What the client said:

“Michaela worked with us on a co-ordinated approach and action plan to launch our 3 year Business Plan to the firm. Michaela’s knowledge of the industry was excellent enabling her to quickly understand our requirements within the change management environment. Her facilitation skills were very good always bringing us back to achieving the results we expected to see.”