Why Beyond Compliance?

The minefield of regulation governing legal services delivery can be easy to get lost in; especially when you are trying to provide a high standard of service to your clients. Just working out which rules apply to which entity – whether operating as a regulated firm, self-employed barrister, chambers, training provider or ABS – can be very difficult to fathom. When there are different rules applying to different types of work; especially around the Transparency provisions , this can make negotiating your way through safely, extremely difficult.

The level of bureaucracy and ‘red tape’ can be very off-putting but given the potentially severe implications of regulatory breaches in the form of fines, disciplinary action or at the worst case: intervention, closure or prison, not taking compliance seriously is not an option.

The good news is that we can show you how compliance can actually improve your business so that your legal services businesses can go ‘Beyond Compliance’ and use the policies, procedures and systems to improve business, staff motivation, client retention and therefore profits.

The move by regulators to focus on self-regulation actually allows flexibility and innovation. Regulation will increasingly be one of the drivers of the legal services arena particularly with the increase in ‘lawtech’. How your business responds will determine your standing in the market.

Do you want your business to simply react to the regulatory regime or would you like to stay one step ahead of the game and use this flexibility and innovation to benefit your business? If so, Beyond Compliance can help you achieve this aim.

Compliance Health Check

With so much to focus on, it’s hard enough for legal businesses to keep on top of retaining and securing clients and carrying out your day to day roles; which we all know is ultimately protecting your clients in legal matters. Self-regulation has changed the game….

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Compliance Documents

There are plenty of offerings out there for ‘off the shelf’ compliance documents or IT systems. However, there is a real danger with these as each legal business is different and does things in a different way. Indeed, the SRA have recently stated as much…

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Compliance & File Auditing

Auditing is a key part of compliance and never has this been more important than with the drive towards self-regulation; the vague and subjective nature of the Standards and Regulations means that it is up to legal businesses to show…

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