About You

However you run your law firm – as a solicitor’s practice regulated by the SRA, a barrister led entity regulated by the BSB or as a conveyancing or probate company regulated by the CLC – we can help take the pressure off.

Even if your business operates in the less regulated area of will writing or other non-reserved legal activity work, some regulatory requirements will still need to be met; indeed this can often help you differentiate your company.

About Us

With over 25 years experience in the legal services sector in a variety of organisations, we have substantial experience of regulation, compliance and practice. We use these skills to make a personalised, real and practical difference to legal services businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Managing Director – Michaela Hardwick

Michaela Hardwick Beyond Compliance

Michaela, the driving force behind Beyond Compliance, is a solicitor who spent 13 years working for one of the top 25 national firms as a solicitor and graduate trainer and then quality and audit manager. This mix of experience has given her excellent problem solving and analytical skills, equipping her with a unique ability to conduct risk and compliance auditing to ensure regulatory compliance as well as business process improvement. Michaela is also a business development and performance coach and delivers bespoke training and coaching on a wide variety of topics. She has used these skills to support legal services providers with their compliance needs for the last ten years.

As a solicitor, Michaela conducts herself in accordance with professional obligations set out in the SRA Standards and Regulations. For more details on the company’s regulatory status, click here.

Michaela has spoken at a number of leading legal services events including the Legal IT Business Show and the Legal Futures Conference. She has also delivered seminars and webinars for MBL Seminars.

Compliance Consultant – Chelsea Sparks

Chelsea has an eclectic legal background which gives her an informed, interesting and innovative approach.

Following her undergraduate law degree, Chelsea began working in the legal profession as a barristers’ clerk, whilst studying for the New York Bar exams. After qualifying as a New York attorney, she began the process of transferring to the Bar of England and Wales. During this period, she worked with international law firms on a variety of e-discovery related projects; launched a London based set of chambers and worked as the senior clerk; volunteered on capital punishment cases in Austin, Texas; offered legal assistance to a practising media law barrister; and, worked as a civil county court advocate.

Chelsea is now qualified as a barrister (unregistered: meaning that she currently does not deliver reserved legal activity work) and uses her professional experience and training to assist Beyond Compliance as a Compliance Consultant, her background and the practical knowledge she has gained is particularly useful when navigating the BSB and SRA regulatory compliance landscapes..  Her exceptional skills in legal analysis, research, drafting and communication make her a highly valued asset to the Beyond Compliance team.