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At Beyond Compliance our philosophy is that people learn better and retain more information if they are engaged in the learning process. This has the added benefit that the investment you make in training has much more value for money.

There are lots of organisations offering coaching and training. Beyond Compliance does it differently. Experience has taught us that people learn best when:

  • They are actively engaged.
  • The training is presented in a memorable way.
  • It’s fun!  
  • They are comfortable enough to share their real experiences and challenges.

We create an environment where you are open to learning and retaining information which ensures full development of skills and techniques so your money is truly well invested.

What does it involve?

It could be that you want a workshop on a particular topic or perhaps you’d like a programme of development for a particular group of people. Whatever your needs, we can work with you to design either a single workshop or programme specifically targeted to your business and training needs. Some examples of training we have developed:

  • Compliance and regulation updates
  • Client relationship management
  • Cross selling
  • Leadership
  • Performance management skills
  • Staff development and motivation
  • Team/trainee/associate/partner development
  • First 100-day coaching
  • 12-1 Coaching

All of our coaching/training involves an element of on-going self-development and appropriate material is provided to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained both for the individual and for the business.


Given the bespoke nature of coaching/training needs, specific fixed fees will be agreed. As an example, a half day workshop involving 30 staff would cost between £450-750.00; an investment of between £15-25 per person.

What client’s say

“We had a CPD course run by Michaela which was fantastic – it developed the team (which was the aim) and it built on previous messages to the team. It was fun, creative and team building. The topic of client relationship management is so wide yet in four hours the team got it. The course was helpful, practical and contained realistic tips for law firms. I highly recommend as a CPD provider and coach. We will be using Michaela again in the future.”

“Michaela worked with us to provide our company with a course on client relationship management. It was extremely useful, in that it stripped everything back to basics and reminded us of simple, effective steps that can be taken to ensure better working relationships with clients. We have implemented her suggestions already and look forward to working with her again!”