Wellbeing within the legal sector and the call for change to how it has traditionally been viewed and managed, has become an important theme (some might say long overdue for discussion), which has finally come into its own.

In 2022 the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority (SRA) consulted on changes to their rules which, if approved, will mean that SRA regulated firms will need to develop strategies, policies, and processes for managing wellbeing within their practices. The BSB currently (2023) considering rule changes as well.

Because of these factors, we at Beyond Compliance consider it is vital for all organisations to:

  • develop a strategy which considers the wellbeing of everyone engaged in the organisation  , and offers them the support they need; and
  • develop a culture that encourages people to feel safe discussing their wellbeing and mental health in a secure environment.
Mental Health

Leading the way in this area has been Lawcare’s Life in the law report 2021 and Impact Report 2022  which provide some stark facts and highlight the importance of addressing mental health and wellbeing for legal professionals.  They highlight their strategy to build a collective responsibility across the legal community to encourage the addressing of systematic work practices in law which undermine mental wellbeing.

Beyond Compliance offers legal organisations a variety of support and tools to start having the right conversations to identify and address the changes that can be made within the organisation to give wellbeing the focus it needs. Wellbeing themes that we cover include:

  • The ABC of wellbeing in the legal sector, with focus on:
    • Autonomy
    • Belonging
    • Competence
  • Assessing and supporting the current mental health of your teams
  • Considering the risks of burnout due to work practices and exploring ways to mitigate these
  • Finding practical solutions to address the negative effects of current working culture and practices
  • Advising and delivering practical support for bullying, harassment, or discrimination at work

What does it involve?

Businesses who focus on their team’s wellbeing and mental health also find that their organisation becomes more successful and stable due to their autonomous, loyal and competent team.

Wherever your legal organisation is on its wellbeing journey, Beyond Compliance can provide constructive and practical support to get to where you need to be. We offer bespoke consultancy in a number of ways:

  • Development, management, and collation of anonymous surveys to allow you to gauge the wellbeing temperature of your firm or chambers.
  • Support with review and drafting of wellbeing policies and procedures.
  • With two Mental Health First Aiders in our team, we can offer practical support and training.

Examples of bespoke wellbeing consultancy/training/workshop sessions:

  • Understanding the ABC of wellbeing
  • Autonomy
  • Belonging
  • Competence
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Creating a culture of wellbeing
  • Emotional competence and professional resilience


Given that our services are bespoke, it’s not possible to state an initial cost but once the parameters of your wellbeing project are agreed, a fixed fee will be set.

Both Michaela and Helen are qualified Mental Health First Aiders and can bring real value to your Wellbeing Strategy.  Please reach out to Helen to discuss any organisational needs on either helen@beyond-compliance.co.uk or 0121 288 5227.